Karen Somerville: Say It Like You Mean It
Saturday 7/18
8:00 pm


$20 online and $25 door/phone

A rhythmic romance with storytelling through the audaciously moody and holla-back Blues and Jazz of Nina Simone presented by Karen Somerville and her high-spirited Posse’; Joe Holt, Piano; Jeff Davis, Bass; Seth Kibel, Woodwinds, and Mike McShane, Drums. Songs planned from the iconic 1950s and 60s song list are Wild is the Wind, Four Women, and Backlash Blues. Also in the lineup, pieces from contemporaries Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.  If you’ve heard Karen’s body-and-soul spin on the life and music of Billie Holiday, you’ll want to be here for this levitation of Simone’s daring repertoire under the fascinating presence and vocal prowess of Karen Somerville, one of the Mainstay's longstanding favorites.